GitHub – minor interruption occurred

The own repositary more reliability

January 04, 2011 – minor interruption occurred

01:13 pm PST
We've upgraded the kernel on the misbehaving fileserver and everything should be back to normal. We're keeping a close eye on everything.

01:12 pm PST
One of our file servers is acting up, we're working on the issue.

12:13 pm PST
All repos are back online. We will be investigating root cause and solutions to prevent this from happening again. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

10:14 am PST
The site may show 404s or empty repos for the partitions that are still not online. Don't worry there is no data loss. Looking to make those errors less scary.

10:00 am PST
The file server is back online in manual failover mode until we can figure out why it freaked. Most repos are now accessible. Will update when all repos are back online.

09:40 am PST
The HA/fencing system on the downed file server is screwed up. Working hard to restore order to the universe.

08:10 am PST
One of the file servers failed over temporarily. Working on it...

January 03, 2011 – minor interruption occurred

07:14 pm PST
We've tracked down the intermittent SSH connection issues seen earlier today and feel that the service is back to a fully operational state. We'll be writing up a post-mortem on the issues soon.

04:26 pm PST
Still seeing intermittent timeouts from the load balancer. Working on it.

03:00 pm PST
SSH access is restored.

02:42 pm PST
We seem to be having some intermittent SSH problems. Working on it.

11:56 am PST
Everything is back and functional. We're sorry for the issues you all experienced this morning. Expect a post-mortem on the blog in the next few days.

11:12 am PST
We identified a problem with our load balancer's routing after the load balancer failure earlier this morning. Everything is looking good right now but we're keeping a close eye on things to make sure everything is back to normal.

We will update again when we feel we’re back at 100%

10:03 am PST
One of the load balancers failed, surfacing some problems with our internal DNS setup. The site is responding, although reports of intermittent failures continue. We're working to correct the issue for everyone.

08:39 am PST
Intermittent errors fetching/pushing and on the site due to high traffic. We're investigating. 

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