• Posted on November 06, 2010

WebSockets in Python

Since the dawn of AJAX, web developers have longed for persistent server-side connections. For a while Comet was hailed as the bastion of “server push”, but deep down we knew it was just a hack. Now finally, years later, we have an API and a protocol being standardized for socket connections between the browser and the server – aptly named, WebSockets. Read More

  • Posted on October 09, 2010

How to Run Google Chrome on Windows 7 64 bit Version

There are many users reporting that Google Chrome doesn’t work with Microsoft latest operating system Windows 7 64 bit version. Here is solution to make Google Chrome Work on Windows 7 64 bit. Read More

  • Posted on October 06, 2008

Назва сайту з www чи без?

Зараз це як звичка, одні люди вводять адреси виключно без www, інші ж вважають, що “субдомен” www. це як ознака веб-сайту. Найцікавше те, що це зовсім різні сторінки, але далеко не всі веб-майстери пам’ятають про це. Read More

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