• Posted on April 08, 2014

kerl – easy building and installing of Erlang/OTP instances

When I upgraded my Mac OS X and my MacPorts Erlang was update to R16B03-1 version I have problem with new version of Erlang. I have application with parameterized modules which are no longer supported in R16** Read More

  • Posted on November 14, 2011

Lamer News: A Redis-Sinatra-JQuery HN-like News Site

Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo has published on GitHub Lamer News a Hacker News like social site built on top of Redis, Sinatra, and jQuery—when writing this I’ve already checked out the code. For a long time Twitter-related and blog-related projects have been the favorite demos for NoSQL solutions, so its nice to see more serious applications featured.

The project is also running live at lamer news.com. It could benefit of a bit of UI liftup though.

  • Posted on September 11, 2011

QR-code erlang library

qr code код
I found a good qrcode erlang library, added rebar support Read More

  • Posted on January 05, 2011

GitHub – minor interruption occurred

The own repositary more reliability Read More

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