Tutorial: Developing in Erlang with Webmachine, ErlyDTL, and Riak

3 tutorials by Oliver Reeves

  • ☞ Part 1

    In Part 1 of the series we covered the basics of getting the development environment up and running. We also looked at how to get a really simple ErlyDTL template rendering

  • ☞ Part 2

    There are a few reasons this series is targeting this technology stack. One of them is uptime. We’re aiming to build a site that stays up as much as possible. Given that, one of the things that I missed in the previous post was setting up a load balancer. Hence this post will attempt to fill that gap.

  • ☞ Part 3

    In this post we’re going to cover:

    • A slight refactor of code structure to support the “standard” approach to building applications in Erlang using OTP.
    • Building a small set of modules to talk to Riak.
    • Creation of some JSON helper functions for reading and writing data.
    • Calling all the way from the Webmachine front-end to Riak to extract data and display it in a browser using ErlyDTL templates.

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