BASH key bindings

Here is a list of BASH key bindings that I use on a daily basis

Key binding Action
Ctrl-r History reverse search
Ctrl-a Jump to BOL
Ctrl-e Jump to EOL
Ctrl-l Clear terminal
Ctrl-k Delete from cursor to EOL
Ctrl-\ Undo last operation
Ctrl-m Return
Ctrl-w Delete word left from cursor
Ctrl-u Delete from BOL to cursor
Ctrl-x Ctrl-e Open the default editor
$EDITOR and run edited command
Ctrl-p Previous command in history
Ctrl-n Next command in history
Ctrl-f Move forward a char
Ctrl-b Move backward a char
Alt-f Move forward a word
Alt-b Move backward a word
Ctrl-d Delete char under cursor
Exit shell if empty
Alt-d Delete forward word
Ctrl-y Paste content of the kill ring
Ctrl-t Swap current char with
previous char
Alt-t Swap current word with
previous word
Alt-u Uppercase word at cursor
Alt-l Lowercase word at cursor
Ctrl-s Freeze terminal
Ctrl-q Restore frozen terminal
Shift-PgUp Scroll screen up
Shift-PgDn Scroll screen down

coded by nessus