How to mount an ISO image OpenBSD

How do I mount an ISO image in OpenBSD operating systems using command line options?

  1. vnconfig – The vnconfig command configures vnode pseudo disk devices.
  2. mount – Mount file system.
  3. umount – Unmount file systems
    1. The syntax is:

      vnconfig /dev/vndXy /path/to/file.iso
      vnconfig vnd0 /tmp/file.iso
      mount /dev/vndXy /mnt/


      vnconfig vnd0 /downloads/bar.iso
      mount -t cd9660 /dev/vnd0c /mnt
      cd /mnt
      ls -l
      cp file.txt /tmp/

      To unmount the image, enter:

      umount /mnt
      vnconfig -u vnd0

      coded by nessus